Pond and waterfall Extension – Bollington, Cheshire

A full waterfall design with spillway and extension to Goldfish pond. 

Transforming a small garden pond into a stunning oasis with a cascading waterfall is a dream for many homeowners. As professional landscapers with years of experience, we had the privilege of helping countless clients turn their outdoor spaces into serene havens. In this project we transformed a small garden pond and created a breathtaking waterfall that will not only enhance the beauty of the garden but also provide a soothing ambiance that the client can enjoy all year-round.

Digging out an existing pond

The client had an existing goldfish pond but wanted to extend above this by creating a larger header-pool section which can house lilies and possibly a few smaller fish. One possible issue was the large tree centered between the pond and the new header pool. Luckily the roots were not to invasive and didn’t effect the area that were to be dug out. All waste that were removed was recycled into flowerbeds or in and around the garden, flowers love the silt that comes from ponds so remember to do this after each pond clean.

Once the pool section was dig out we lined this with a premium rubber SealEco pond liner. Using heavy duty underlay gives extra protection for the liner from those pesky tree roots and stones. We ran the liner under and around the soon to be waterfall so any escaped water from the waterfall would still find its self back to the pond.

Installing the rockery waterfall

Firstly, we chose a location in the garden that provides a natural slope for the waterfall to cascade down. Ensuring that the area gets a fair amount of sunlight and is easily accessible for maintenance. We needed to shape the waterfall to give us the contours needed to support the large rocks that will be placed on top.

We stacked rocks along the trench, using a waterproof mortar to secure them. Arranging the rocks in a way that creates natural-looking cascades and pools for the water to flow through. This is no easy task! taking time to arrange the rocks and re positioning them is essential to get that perfect look. We then filled the reservoir with water and turn on the pump to test the waterfall. Adjusting the rocks and flow rate as needed to achieve the customers desired look and sound. To finish off the look of the rockery we added water-loving plants and aquatic vegetation around the waterfall to enhance its natural appearance.

Adding a new filter and pump to the pond

The customer already had a pressure filter and pump but sadly like most cheaper brands, they tend to fail. The main issue was water inside the quartz sleeve which lead to the blowing of the electrics. We supplied and installed an Oase 13000 pressure filter and Aquamax 8500 pond pump. This ensured that the fish was getting adequate filtration and oxygen. Not only that, the pump sizing was perfect for the newly created waterfall.