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  • High in protein
  • Perfect for colour and growth
  • 100% natural


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What are the Evolution Aqua Pond Treats

The Evolution Aqua Pond Treats are naturally high in protein and are perfect for feeding Koi and other fish species in your pond. This is designed to be fed as a treat to supplement the diet of your pond fish. There are four main ingredients in the Pond Treats, Silkworm, Shrimp, Mealworm and Gammarus. These are all high in protein and are perfect for fattening up your fish, they also help contribute to fish health, colour and size. Each tub comes with a handy measuring cup so you evenly and easily select the treats your wanting to feed.

What foods are in the Evolution Aqua Pond Treats?


Silkworm Pupae is a good quality, high protein fish treat. Silkworm is well known for its qualities in adding size to your fish FAST. It contains no additives and is 100% natural with no food colourings. Each silkworm pupae is rich in vitamins, proteins minerals and contains essential fatty acids. We recommend soaking silkworm in water before feeding your fish, we also recommend not feeding this in temperatures below 18°C. Nutritional Analysis: Crude Protein 48%, Crude Fats & Oils 28%, Crude Fibers 2%, Crude Ash 4%.


Crammed with protein, shrimp are ideal for all sizes of fish. They are freeze dried and easily digestible making them the perfect treat. Most of the shrimp will float so its ideal for mixing in with your standard floating fish food. These Shrimp and 100% natural and contain no additives and no food colourings. Nutritional Analysis: Crude Protein 58%, Crude Fats & Oils 6.6%, Crude Fibers 5.5%, Crude Ash 15.5%.


Mealworms are one of the most popular and well fed treats in the UK. Filled with proteins and fats your sure to see a big change in the fishes size, health and colouration. They come dried and of course not alive so it makes it easy to feed and can be put in most Automatic Fish Feeders if you decide to mix it with fish food. Each dried Mealworm is completely 100% natural and contains no colourings or additives.  Nutritional Analysis: Crude Protein 54%, Crude Fats & Oils 31%, Crude Fibers 9.6%, Crude Ash 12%.

Gammarus (small freshwater shrimp)

Gammarus is the smaller of the shrimp but is packed full of goodness for your Koi. Naturally being high in proteins and vitamins Gammarus will well known for its colour enhancing properties. Its advised not to feed this when temperatures are below 14°C. This fish treat is 100% natural and contains no colourings or additives making it a perfect natural treat for your Koi. Nutritional Analysis: Crude Protein 48%, Crude Fats & Oils 3%, Crude Fibers 5%, Crude Ash 5%.


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