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Evolution Aqua Premier Fish Food


Features at a glance:

  • Promotes growth and health
  • Contains NEW Bio-Mos ingredients
  • Available in four sizes


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Why choose the Evolution Aqua Premier Fish Food

The Evolution Aqua Premier fish food has been developed by the team at EA who not only care about fishkeeping, but also have a proven know how. With years of development, this food as been used in many fish farms with great results. Evolution Aqua only use high quality ingredients packed full of protein and vitamins, this ensures quick results in the fishes size and body weight. Available in four sizes 800grm, 2kg, 6kg and 15kg in both small and medium sized pellets (small 34mm – medium 5-6mm)

Evolution Aqua’s Premier pellets have been specifically designed to enhance your Koi’s overall development and help with their growth,development and enhances richer colours. The pellets form a high protein, well balanced floating diet. Formulated from high quality ingredients, incorporated into a formulation of Premier pellets is Bio-Mos, which is delivered from a specific strain of yeast. Bio-Mos helps to improve nutrition and overall health. Premier pellets also contain Spiralina, Omega6 and 3.

We advise to feed your fish only the quantity of food they will eat in several minutes. If there are any uneaten food left floating, removing them with a net. Do not feed the food when temperatures are below 7C.

Perfect to use with the Evolution Aqua EvoFeed fish feeder

Benefits that the Evolution Aqua Premier fish food offers

  • Suitable for Koi and other variety of fish
  • Promotes fish growth and colour
  • Improves digestion which results in less waste from the fish
  • Contains prebiotics
  • high quality nutritional ingredients
  • Contains Spirulina for enhanced colour
  • packed full of Vitamins and Minerals
  • Contains Omega 3 & 6
  • 37% crude protein
  • Contains NEW Bio-Mos ingredients to promote health

Additional information

Product Options:

Premier 800grm – small pellet, Premier 2kg – small pellet, Premier 6kg – small pellet, Premier 15kg – small pellet, Premier 800grm – medium pellet, Premier 2kg – medium pellet, Premier 6kg – medium pellet, Premier 15kg – medium pellet


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