JPM Premium Pond Hose


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  • Durable and long lasting
  • Anti kink, black pond hose
  • Available in 7 sizes
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If your installing a new pond filter or watercourse, odds are your going to need pond hose. With 7 sizes available its a sure thing there is a JPM Premium Pond Hose suit your requirements. This hose is best suited to connect to pond filters, pond pumps, UV’s and waterfalls. You will also have piece of mind with its unique design for extra durability and longevity! This hose is sold by the meter so its as simple as adding the meter quantity needed to the basket and it will arrive in one large length.

What are the benefits of using the JPM Premium Pond Hose? 

The corrugation in this reinforced ribbed hose gives it strength and flexibility, this allows it to turn tight corners without kinking or splitting. With the JPM Premium Pond Hose being black makes for easy concealment and discourages algae growth on the inside of the hose walls which can slow down the flow rate. The larger the pond hose the better the flow will be so its always recommended to chose the largest hose option that the filter or pump will allow. Unlike most pond hoses this pipe is made from a premium PVC and is smooth internally which allows for better flow with less friction loss.

We recommend using our JPM premium stainless steel clips to ensure a tight grip for leak prevention. These clips require a screwdriver which allows for a tighter fit, these are much better than the standard clips with the colored plastic tightening grips. You can also use PTFE tape if the pipe you have is a little larger than the fitting, this will help pack up pipe and stop any drips.

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12mm Flexi Pipe – per metre, 20mm Flexi Pipe – per metre, 25mm Flexi Pipe – per metre, 32mm Flexi Pipe – per metre, 38mm Flexi Pipe – per metre, 40mm Flexi Pipe – per metre, 50mm Flexi Pipe – per metre


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