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Evolution Aqua Airtech 70 Complete


At a glance:

  • Reliable and economical air pump
  • Kit includes 2 airstones at 8cm x 3cm
  • Complete with 10m of clear airline
  • 4 way chrome tap manifold
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Having a reliable air pump is a necessity in the height of summer, it doesn’t take long for a pond to be depleted of oxygen which can lead to the death of your live stock. Oxygenating a pond has other benefits such as helping to prevent the growth of nuisance algae and it also help with bad odors.

The Airtech 70 complete airpumps are made of high quality materials to ensure great performance and reliability. This pump comes as a complete kit so there are no need for any additional fittings. It also has rubber feet to help reduce noise making it one of the quietest pumps in the 70 liters per minute range.

This airpump produces 70 litres per minute making it ideal for smaller to medium sized ponds. This compact airpump can easily handle a 200mm air disk that’s positioned in 1.5m depth of water (other fittings required for this).It also has low energy consumption making it cost effective all year round!

What does the Airtech 70 complete come with? 

  • Airtech 70 pump
  • A chrome 4 way tap manifold
  • 10 meters of clear airline
  • 2 cylindrical airstones measuring 8cm x 3cm
  • Rubber elbow with 2 clips (for attaching the manifold)

Airtech Airpump Manual

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Airtech 70 Complete Kit


Model Max Output Output at 1m depth Max operating depth Wattage Guarantee
Airtech 70 complete 70lpm 52lpm 3.2m 34w 2 years


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