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Evolution Aqua Airtech Airpump


At a glance:

  • Efficient air pump for garden ponds
  • A long-lasting durable airpump
  • Available in 4 large sizes
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The Evolution Aqua air pump range offers reliability and excellent performance. Having a reliable air pump is a necessity in the height of summer as it doesnt take long for a pond to be depleted of oxygen. Having an airpump has other benefits to a pond such as helping to avoid stagnant patches, bad odors and helps prevent algae from building in the summer months.

Being made from a metal casting means that the pump can be placed outdoors without the worry of taking elemental damage like other plastics pumps would experience. They come fitted with high performance diaphragms to ensure long lasting performance. The Evolution Aqua Airpumps have been tested and proven to provide the highest output at any given depth, to be economical to run and to be totally reliable. Well engineered, robust and durable, every unit has thermal protection fitted as standard.

Airtech Airpump Manual

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Product Option

Airtech 75, Airtech 95, Airtech 130, Airtech 150


Model Output Output at 1m depth Max pumping depth Wattage Guarantee
Airtech 75 75lpm 59lpm 3.9m 44w 2 years
Airtech 95 95lpm 78lpm 4.35m 62w 2 years
Airtech 130 130lpm 110lpm 4.7m 88w 2 years
Airtech 150 150lpm 130lpm 5.5m 106w 2 years


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