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Evolution Aqua Dechlorinator


At a glance:

  • Dechlorinate tap water easy and fast
  • Creates a healthy and safe environment for your fish
  • Easy to install
  • Highest grade of carbon used
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The Evolution Aqua Detox Dechlorinator has been designed to make removing harmful chlorine and chloramine form tap water easy. Making topping-up and water changes a breeze!

The method is simple, simply cut your hose in two, attach the hose connectors (supplied) to either end and push the connectors onto the dechlorinator, it really is that simple. Ideal for all types of ponds and even aquariums.

How does it work? 

Tap water is passed through the the activated carbon media, the water needs enough contact time in order to absorb Chlorine and other impurities. It is recommend that the flow rate going though the unit does not exceed 4 litres per minute. If it does the water may pass through the carbon too quickly and remove all the chlorine. Once the water has passed through the dechlorinator its as simple as running the hosepipe back to your pond.

What other impurities can this remove? 

chlorine, chloramine, bromine, malachite green, dyes, colours, humic acids, organics, proteins, antibiotics, hormones and ozone.

EA-Dechlorinator Manual

Additional information

Product Options

Dechlorinator 12", Dechlorinator 30"


Model  12″ Dechlorinator 30″ Dechlorinator
Treat up-to 225,000 Litres 550,000 Litres
Flow rate feed 4 litres per minute 4 litres per minute


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