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Evolution Aqua EazyPod Complete Automatic UVC


At a glance:

  • Pond filter with mechanical, biological and UVC filtration
  • For Koi ponds up to 10,000ltr
  • Automatic cleaning full of K1 Micro media
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The Eazypod Complete Automatic is the upgrade from the standard Eazypod complete. The automatic system will automatically self clean the filter which will stop the dirty water from overflowing back into your pond if you forget to clean it. Not only that, it gives you piece of mind when you are away from home! This filter is one of the most compact filters on the market that is capable of filtering Koi ponds up to 10,000 litres or ornamental goldfish ponds upto 20,000 litres.

What does the Evolution Aqua Eazypod Complete Automatic UVC come with? 

The Eazypod UV Automatic comes complete with K1 Micro media which is designed to be a used as biological and mechanical filtration. This means there are no foams that need replacing or cleaning, keeping ongoing costs low! It comes complete with an integrated UV system that houses a UV bulb of 18w. The UV is designed to clump up the green water particles that flow through it so that the K1 Micro media can easily remove it giving you a green free, clear pond. Unlike the standard Eazypod Complete, there is no need for an airpump. The smart automatic control box is house to a small airpump which turns on automatically when the cleaning cycle is activated. It also comes complete with hosetails and a 3″ to 4″ rubber reducer for the outlet pipe.

How does the Evolution Aqua Eazypod Complete Automatic UVC work?

Water enters via the inlet and passes through the UV bulb, which helps to kill any single celled algae in the water. The water then enters the outer chamber of the filter, which then runs around the entire circumference of the EazyPod. There is a stainless steel perforated screen which separated the outer and inner chamber. This means that when the water passes from the outer to inner chamber, a downward and upward flow is created. This works as a vortex so many of the larger solids settle at the bottom of the outer chamber.

The size of the holes in the steel screen will not allow large waste to enter the inner chamber, making this the first stage of the mechanical filtration. The inner chamber holds 18 litres of static K1 Micro media. As the water enters the inner chamber, the smaller solids get entrapped in the K1 Micro media. After passing through the media, the clean water then rises and overflows into the inner return pipe. The water the goes down into the return pipe and back to our pond.

Eazypod Auto Manual

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Product Options

EazyPod Complete Automatic Grey, EazyPod Complete Automatic Green


Product Eazypod Complete Automatic Grey/Green
Goldfish / community pond size 20,000 litres
Koi pond size 10,000 litres
Maximum flow rate 10,000lph
Dimensions Ø62cm x 74cm high
Guarantee 1 year



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