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Evolution Aqua EazyPod


At a glance:

  • Ideal for Koi ponds
  • Uses a combination of mechanical and biological filtration
  • Compact design, fully equipped with K+ Micro media
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The Eazypod filter created by Evolution Aqua is one of the easiest filters to maintain. This compact filter is both mechanical and biological, its made to filter Koi ponds up to 10,000ltr or community ponds up to 20,000ltr. The EazyPod uses 18 litres of K1 Micro media, which provides enhanced biological benefits. It uses a perforated metal screen to drag larger solid particles from your pond water, instantly increasing the clarity of the pond water. This filter is also available with an airpump which is used for cleaning the filter, check out the EazyPod Air.

How does the Evolution Aqua EazyPod work?

Water from the pond enters the filter through the inlet and then flows around the outer chamber of the EazyPod, passing through the stainless steel grill causing the larger waste to be filtered out and settle in the base of the outer chamber. Water then passes through the central chamber, through the stainless steel grill, the fine smaller particles are then trapped in the mass of the K1 Micro. Bio-films build up on the protected surface area within each piece of media, allowing biological filtration to take place. After passing through the media, the clean water then rises and overflows into the inner return pipe and flows back to the pond via the outlet. It is highly recommended to install a gate or ball valve just before the inlet for a better cleaning experience.

How do you clean the EazyPod Air? 

  1. Turn off the pump
  2. Insert the cleaning tube
  3. Shut of the inlet ball or gate valve (if installed)
  4. Turn on the airpump
  5. The K1 Micro media will turn over pushing the waste out of the middle grill and into the outer chamber. Wait for around 5 minutes
  6. Turn off the airpump
  7. Open the waste valve flushing all the dirty water out of the filter.
  8. Shut the waste valve
  9. Remove the cleaning tube
  10. Turn on the pond water pump

Eazypod Manual


Additional information

Product Options

EazyPod Grey, EazyPod Green


Product EazyPod
Community pond size 20,000ltr
Koi pond size 10,000ltr
Maximum flowrate 10,000ltr (recommended – Varipump)
Airpump size needed 70lpm (recommended – airtech 70 complete)
Instillation Pump-fed or Gravity
Dimensions 58cm x 71cm x 58.5cm
Guarantee 1 year


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