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Evolution Aqua Nexus+


At a glance:

  • Large Koi pond filter, filtering up to 34,000ltrs
  • Delivers excellent water quality and clarity
  • Complete with K+Media filter media
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Evolution Aqua have launched the new Nexus320+ and Nexus220+ filtration systems. Building on the tried and tested technology that has been ever present in their world renowned Nexus filtration systems, the team at Evolution Aqua have gone even further to enhance their number one Koi pond filter.

Nexus320+ and Nexus220+ filters now come with the new K+ Media positioned in the moving bed outer chamber for vastly improved biological filtration and faster filter maturation. The new Nexus+ filters are also supplied “auto ready”, with factory fitted fixings already in place, making it even easier to upgrade to the Nexus Automatic System.

How does the Evolution Aqua Nexus+ work?

Water from the pond enters the Nexus+ via the inlet into the inner chamber which works as a vortex allowing larger solids to settle at the bottom. The water then goes through the “Eazy filter” where finer particles are removed at the mechanical stage of filtration, thanks to the static bed of K1 Micro filter media.

The clean filtered water then passes through the outside chamber of the Nexus+ where the new K+Media moving bed is positioned. At this stage, biological breakdown occurs through different strains of bacteria and filter feeders living on the vast protected surface area of each piece of the K+Media. These bacteria convert Ammonia and Nitrite into less harmful Nitrate. Water then passes through the exit grill into the outlet, returning back to the pond.

What other equipment is needed?

The Nexus+ is supplied complete with media and fittings, However, there are other items you need for this to fully work. You will need a filter pump that meets the required flow rate for the nexus model you choose. An airpump for the cleaning of the inner chamber and the moving bed chamber section. We always recommend installing a UV Clarifier large enough for the volume and fish stocking levels in your pond. This filter doesn’t come with a lid, we would advise purchasing the lid if the filter is not positioned in a filter housing compartment.

If you have no equipment and starting from new why not take a look at our Nexus+ Complete range!

Nexus 220+ Manual

Nexus 320+ Manual

Additional information

Product Options

Nexus 220+, Nexus 320+


Model Nexus 220+ Nexus 320+
Max pond size 18,000ltrs 34,000ltrs
Max flowrate 10,000ltrs 13,000ltrs
Water volume in nexus 510ltrs 840ltrs
Instillation Pump-fed or gravity Pump-fed or gravity
Dimensions 1260 x 1110 x 850mm 1430 x 1320 x 1025mm
Guarantee 1 year 1 year


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