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Oase Biopress Sets


At a glace:

  • Complete set inc. pipework
  • For ponds up to 10,000ltrs
  • Easy clean design
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The Oase Biopress sets come with everything needed to set your pond up with filtration. Each set comes with Oase’s clear water guarantee when combined with the correct set for your pond volume. The Oase Biopress sets are capable of filtering ponds up to 10,000ltrs so they are ideal for small or medium sized ponds. With these filters being pressurised they can easily be hidden out of the way for a more discreet  look, whether thats being buried in the ground (up to the lid) or hidden around the back of your shed.

What are the features of this pressurised pond filter kit? 

There are many great features that come with this system. The main feature is its patented cleaning system, its super easy to clean which makes this one of the most popular pressurised filters on the market. Its as simply as lifting the cleaning mechanism up and down for around 60 seconds! The handy quick release lid provides easy opening and closing for maintenance purposes. In addition to the filter sponges, bio filter media is also supplied, the bio-filter surfaces with the specially developed flow control offers supplementary settlement surface for micro organisms. They are able to move freely in the water flow (6000/10000 model only)

They come complete with an integrated UV system to ensure the pond doesn’t go green in the summer months. Each set comes with hose connections, flexible hose and a pump for a trouble free instillation. These classic little pumps are well made and each pump size is specifically suited to match the filter in the kit.

The Classic pump that comes supplied has a handy 10m of power cable and the UV system on the filter has 3m of powercable. Each kit comes with a 2 year guarantee for piece of mind.

Additional information

Product Options

Biopress Set 4000, Biopress Set 6000, Biopress Set 10000


Model Biopress 4000 set Biopress 6000 set Biopress 10000 set
Suitable for Wildlife ponds 4000ltrs 6000ltrs 10000ltrs
Suitable for Goldfish ponds 2000ltrs 3000ltrs 5000ltrs
Suitable for Koi ponds 1000ltrs 1500ltrs 2500ltrs (low stock)
Pump supplied 1500lph 2500lph 3400lph
Pump wattage 25w 40w 70w
UV Wattage 7w 9w 11w
Inlet/outlet size 19/25/32/38mm 19/25/32/38mm 19/25/32/38mm
Dimensions ∅225 x 335mm ∅350 x 450mm ∅350 x 570mm
Guarantee 2 years 2 years 2 years


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