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  • Premium pressure filter with UV
  • Easy install and maintenance
  • Filters ponds from 5000ltrs to 31000ltrs


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The Oase Filtoclear pressure filter is a premium branded filter designed to filter ponds up to 31000ltrs. This pressure filter, with its first-class filter performance and special functions are available either individually or as a set with a matching Oase pump. It offers superb biological and mechanical filtration that ensures you have a clean and healthy pond for your fish. All models come with an integrated UV to eliminate green water from your pond. the smaller 5000 model is capable of filtering fishless ponds up to 5000ltrs, please refer to the chart below to see what size is suitable for your pond. These filters are perfect to use if you have a waterfall, this means you can position this in between the pump and the waterfall so no need for an extra pump. The main feature of pressure filters is that you can position them almost anywhere in the garden making them ideal for any setup.

Key features of the Oase Filtoclear pressure filter

Integrated UV – All 4 models comes complete with an integrated UV, this is designed to eradicate the green water from your pond. Its located on the top of the filter so its super easy to remove and replace the UV bulb. The 19000 and 31000 model come with a cleaning rotor which cleans the quartz sleeve for optimal effectiveness.

Biological and mechanical media – Each model comes complete with enhanced filter foams. These are used for both mechanical and biological filtration, the different foam colours represent the coarseness of the foam, fine, medium and course all designed for trapping all sizes of debris. These filter foams usually last for around 2 years before they need replacing unlike many other cheaper foams used in other products.

Unique cleaning system – These filters are super easy to clean, its as simple as tuning off the pump, turning a dial and pumping the compressing handle up and down several times, it couldn’t be any easier! This is a much more effective way of cleaning them compared to other pressure filters with rotating cleaning systems. It can be done in a matter of minutes.

Compact design and instillation – The best thing about a pressure filter is that it can be positioned almost anywhere around the pond, this includes being below the water level. they can also push up hill making them ideal filtration systems when being used in ponds with waterfalls.

Matching filter cover – This filter has a matching filter cover called a FiltoCap. This can be positioned over the filters head section when part sunk in the ground, its designed to look like a rock giving it a more discreet look.

How to clean the FiltoClear pond filter – The filtoclear pond filter is one of the easiest filters to maintain, thanks to its clever cleaning function, below is a step by step guide on how to clean this filter

  1. Turn off pump
  2. Turn the dial to “clean”
  3. Pump up and down the cleaning handle, around 10 times (this varies depending on how dirt the filter is)
  4. Turn the pump back on
  5. Dirty water will now be ejected from the waste outlet
  6. As soon as the water starts to clear simply turn the blue dial back to “run” mode.

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Product Options

FiltoClear 5000, FiltoClear 13000, FiltoClear 19000, Filtoclear 31000


Model  FiltoClear 5000 FiltoClear 13000 FiltoClear 19000  FiltoClear 31000
Filters ponds with no fish 5000ltrs 13000ltrs 19000ltrs 31000ltrs
Filters ponds with fish 2500ltrs 7000ltrs 10000ltrs 15000ltrs
Filters ponds with koi not recommended not recomended 5000ltrs 7500ltrs
Max flow rate 5000lph 9000lph 13000lph 17000lph
Inlet / Outlet connections 38mm & 50mm 38mm & 50mm 38mm & 50mm 38mm & 50mm
Sludge outlet 38mm & 50mm 38mm & 50mm 38mm & 50mm 38mm & 50mm
UV power / wattage 18w 24w 42w 60w
Dimensions ∅380 x 37033 ∅38 x 488mm ∅380 x 608mm ∅380 x 728mm
Guarantee 3 years 3 years 3 years 3 years


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