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Evolution Aqua VariPump


At a glance:

  • A fully controllable, money saving pump
  • External or internal use
  • Suitable for pond filters, fountains or waterfalls
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The Evolution Aqua is one of the most efficient filter pumps on the market at an affordable price. This robust and reliable pond pump comes in 3 large sizes that can be controlled down to 1% of its maximum flow-rate. It also has a range of instillation methods and is suitable for almost any pond! Perfect to use on Koi ponds using pump-fed of gravity filter system.

What benefits do I get using this pump? 

There are many benefits of using this pump, firstly you have flexibility of controlling the flow-rate to the exact flow your filter and pond require. By reducing the flow you also lower the wattage consumption cutting down your electricity bills! Instillation is also very flexible, it comes with hosetails if the pump is being positioned in the pond with flexi-pipe and also fittings so you can use solid pipework if the pump is being used externally. The motor is very quiet and with its base plat and rubber feet noise is massively reduced. The Varipumps controller is very easy to use just three buttons, up and down for flow control and an on/off button. The on/off button is very handy so you can quickly turn off the pump for 5 minutes whiles feeding.

Key Features: 

  • Fully controllable
  • Cheap running costs
  • Premium quality
  • Internal or external use
  • Range from 10,000lph to 30,000lph
  • Fittings included
  • Quiet operation

Varipump Manual

Additional information

Product Options

VariPump 10000, VariPump 20000, VariPump 30000


Model Varipump 10000 Varipump 20000 Varipump 30000
Maximum flowrate 10,000lph 20,000lph 30,000lph
Maximum pumping height 3.1 meters 5.5 meters 5.5 meters
Maximum wattage 75w 190w 450w
Cable length 10m powercable / 2m plug to controller 10m powercable / 2m plug to controller 10m powercable / 2m plug to controller
Inlet / outlet size 25, 32, 40mm flexi – 1.5″ solid 32, 40, 50mm flexi – 2″ solid 32, 40, 50mm flexi – 2″ solid
Dimensions 267mm (L) x 122mm (W) x 162mm (H) 319mm (L) x 142mm (W) x 181mm (H) 370mm (L) x 155mm (W) x 205mm (H)
Guarantee 2 years 2 years 2 years

Pump Performance Chart:

Model 1m 2m 3m 4m 5m
Varipump 10000 7000lph 5000lph 3100lph 1500lph 0lph
Varipump 20000 15500lph 12500lph 10000lph 7500lph 3500lph
Varipump 30000 23000lph 18500lph 14000lph 10000lph 3500lph


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