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Oase Aquamax Eco Premium


At a glance:

  • Premium filter and watercourse pump
  • Up to 5 year guarantee
  • Low wattage and energy saving
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The Oase Aquamax Premium pond pump range are an award winning solids handling pump. They can be used for many applications but mainly used as a filter pump (to deliver water to your pond filter) or as a watercourse pump (to send water to a waterfall). With this being German manufactured you can be assured you will get premium quality and performance!  There are 7 in the range to choose from ranging from as little as 4000lph to a whopping 20,000lph.

This solids handling pump can handle solids (debris) up to 11mm which means there is a much less chance of this blocking like most other conventional pond pumps. Its seasonal flow switch is a great energy saving feature that allows you to reduce the flow in the winter time, saving on the electricity consumption. This pump is ideal for Koi ponds, community ponds, wildlife ponds and watercourses / waterfalls.

Key features of the Oase Aquamax Premium pond pump

There are many key features with this pump, the main one being the second inlet supply. This allows you to either have a second drag point with in your pond, this is super handy if you get an area in your pond where silt congregates. It has a feature so you can even set the flow percentage your dragging from, for example, you could have a 70% drag from the main pump and then a 30% drag from the additional satellite strainer (sold separately). Alternatively, you could install an Oase AquaSkim surface skimmer so the pump will take debris from the bottom of the pond and from the surface.

The seasonal flow switch only on the 12000, 16000 & 20000 models is a great way to reduce the flow and also reduce the electricity consumption in winter. It comes complete with a 5 year warranty (3 years + 2 years with the manufacturer). The 10m or power cable comes in handy for those electricity points that are just a little out of reach.

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Aquamax Premium 4000, Aquamax Premium 6000, Aquamax Premium 8000, Aquamax Premium 10,000, Aquamax Premium 12,000, Aquamax Premium 16,000, Aquamax Premium 20,000


Model  4000 6000 8000 10000 12000 16000 20000
Max flow rate 4000lph 6000lph 8000lph 10000lph 12000lph 16000lph 20000lph
Max head height 3.3m 3.7m 4.1m 4.7m 5m 5.2m 5.4m
Inlet / outlet size 25,32,38mm 25,32,38mm 25,32,38,50mm 25,32,38,50mm 25,32,38,50mm 25,32,38,50mm 25,32,38,50mm
Wattage 10 – 35w 12 – 45w 16 – 60w 19 – 88w 10 – 110w 11 – 145w 15 – 180w
Dimensions 34 x 28 x 16.5cm  34 x 28 x 16.5cm  34 x 28 x 16.5cm  34 x 28 x 16.5cm  34 x 28 x 16.5cm  34 x 28 x 16.5cm  34 x 28 x 16.5cm
Guarantee 3+2 years 3+2 years 3+2 years 3+2 years 3+2 years 3+2 years 3+2 years


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