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Oase Aquarius Fountain Sets


Features at a Glance:

  • Designed for small to medium sized ponds
  • Comes with a 3 year warranty
  • Runs a fountain and a feature simultaneously


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What are the Oase Aquarius Fountain Sets used for? 

The Oase Aquarius Fountain Sets come in a variety of sizes designed to suit any type of pond, including Koi ponds. They can be used for a number of purposes such as for fountains, water features, waterfalls and some smaller filters. These fountain sets start from producing flow rates from 750lph to 4000lph. We recommend that this range of fountain pumps are suitable for small to medium sized ponds. Made from premium materials and German manufactured these pumps are sure to stand the test of time!

Why should I choose the Oase Aquarius fountain set? 

Not only is this range of pumps made from premium materials, but they are super efficient. With their economical pump technology system they can produce large flow rates at a fraction of the wattage compared to other brands making them a perfect choice if your looking at keeping running costs low. These little fountain pumps have a number of benefits, they come as a complete package! Each pump comes with a selection of fountain attachments, a telescopic extension nozzle and a firm base for the pump so it doesn’t tipple over. The Aquarius fountain range has an additional section on the fountain extension that allows you to tee off the feed and supply a small waterfall or feature and still allows you to use the fountain at the same time! Because of this feature you can regulate the height of the fountain which is great if you have a smaller pond.

What fountain heads are supplied with the Aquarius Fountain range?

Oase created the extension nozzle on these pumps for ease of changing fountain heads. They come with 3 changeable fountain heads as standard. The first head is the Vulkan, This will give you your traditional tier looking fountain, this is one of the more popular heads. The second is the Lava, also known as a mushroom or bell fountain head. This gives you a dome looking fountain, if the fitting is pushed in too far it will change its appearance to a chalice looking effect. Lastly, the third attachment is called Magma, this shoots out 5 jets of water to the side.

Model 750 1000 2000 E 3000 E 4000 E
Max flowrate 750lph 1000lph 2000lph 3000lph 4000lph
Max pumping height 1.1m 1.3m 2.1m 2.5m 2.9m
Pump wattage 9w 11w 18w 26w 42w
Power cable length 10m 10m 10m 10m 10m
Pipe connections 13/19/5mm  13/19/5mm  13/19/5mm  13/19/5mm  13/19/5mm
Flow control Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes
Dimensions 180 x 205 x 140mm 180 x 205 x 140mm 180 x 205 x 140mm 180 x 205 x 140mm 180 x 205 x 140mm
Warranty 3 year  3 year  3 year  3 year  3 year

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Aquarius Fountain Set Classic 750, Aquarius Fountain Set Classic 1000, Aquarius Fountain Set Classic 2000E, Aquarius Fountain Set Classic 3000E, Aquarius Fountain Set Classic 4000E


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