What is the Oase PondJet Eco Floating Fountain used for? 

The Oase PondJet Eco Floating fountain is quite unique in design. Its very simple to use and can be setup in minutes. The main use for this pump is to offer a decorative fountain that also oxygenates the pond. They are perfect for ponds that are relatively large that needs good circulation. With its high powered motor we advise this is suitable for ponds of a medium to large size.

Its main feature is that this pump floats on the surface where you would struggle to position a traditional type pond pump. This pump is less likely to clog up with silt because its away from the bottom of the pond where silt and debris congregate. The standard supplied jet is a towering water spectacle that pumps up to 3 meter in height and width.

How do I assemble the Oase PondJet Eco?

The Oase floating pond fountain pump is relatively easy to setup. As standard all the components are already assembled in the box. You get some guide ropes so you can attach this to the side of your pond, perfect for getting the pump out of the pond to complete general maintenance tasks. It also helps secure the floating fountain to the position you wish it to stay in the pond, the last thing you want is this floating around with with wind! All there is now is to wire the pump into a switch box or install a plug if you have an outdoor socket available. This can be setup in minutes.

Are there lights available for the Oase PondJet Eco Floating Fountain?  

Oase have cleverly designed and modified the Power LED and Profilux RGB light sets to fit directly to the fountain. These are purchased separately but are a great additional feature to complete this floating fountain. Either LED set creates a stunning illumination. The standard Power LED light set offers a crisp white light effect. The Oase Profilux RGB light set is next level, the LEDs can create red, green and blue lighting giving you the flexibility to create almost any colour. When used with the preset light displays it can transform any out door space into something quite spectacular.

Can this floating fountain pump be used on any pond? 

Its worth remembering that this floating pump is relatively large in size, 670mm in diameter. It also has a fountain diameter spread of 3m so you have to be careful, if the pond is relatively small the wind can easily take the fountain thus emptying the pond. To combat this there are a variety of fountain attachments available (separately) to give you a different look, most dont have the same 3m spread so dont be put off by this pump if your pond isn’t huge. It also has a minimum depth level of 50cm, so if your pond isn’t at least 50cm deep you will need to look at a different standalone fountain pump.

Other fountain attachments available for the Oase PondJet Eco

Unlike other brands, Oase have gone out of their way to create many other fountain attachments that look appealing but also offer practicality for different types of ponds. The most popular of these fountain heads being the Oase Schaumsprudler 35-10E and the Oase Vulkan 37-2.5k or 43-3 silver.