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Evolution Aqua EVO UV Clarifiers


At a glance:

  • Eradicates green water
  • 6 sizes available up to 75,000ltrs
  • High output, energy efficient ballast
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Green water can be quite a nuisance in the summer periods. Although its not harmful to fish it makes it very difficult to observe your fish to see if they are ok or showing signs of distress. The Evolution Aqua’s UV clarifer range will help rid this so your left with a beautiful green free pond.

This new design allows quicker and easier UV bulb, quartz sleeve and ballast replacement. Now available in 6 sizes, a size to suit almost all pond sizes, ideal for wildlife, community and Koi ponds. This light weight UV is easy to install and comes with rackets so it can be installed up and out of the way, vertically or horizontally. Its new design allows for even water to be distributed around the bulb so there is optimum ultraviolet light penetration. Each unit comes complete with pipe fittings.

How does the Evolution Aqua EvoUV Clarifier work? 

This range of UV clarifier have been designed to clear single celled green algae and prevent it from returning. They will work alongside your current filtration system. As the water passes through the UV bulb, the bulb clumps the green celled algae together where it will die but more importantly be removed from the mechanical media in your filtration system. Leaving you with a clear healthy looking pond!

Key features

  • Improves water clarity by eradicating green water
  • Energy efficient ballast
  • Fully serviceable for easy maintenance
  • Easy to install with fixing brackets
  • Available in six models

Additional information

Product Options

Evo UV 15w, Evo UV 25w, Evo UV 30w, Evo UV 55w, Evo UV 110w


Model Evo15 Evo25 Evo30 Evo55 Evo110
Max pond size 15,000ltrs 20,000ltrs 30,000ltrs 55,000ltrs 75,000ltrs
Max flowrate 7,500ltrs 10,000ltrs 15,000ltrs 20,000ltrs 25,000ltrs
Bulb type / size T8 15w bulb T8 25w bulb T8 30w bulb T8 55w bulb T8 2x55w bulb
Inlet / Outlet size 25/32/38mm 25/32/38mm 25/32/38mm 25/32/38mm 50mm solid
Instillation Vertical or horizontal Vertical or horizontal Vertical or horizontal Vertical or horizontal Vertical or horizontal
Dimensions 540 x 116 x 153mm (excluding hosetails) 540 x 116 x 153mm (excluding hosetails) 990 x 85 x 153mm (excluding hosetails) 990 x 85 x 153mm (excluding hosetails) 990 x 195 x 280mm (excluding hosetails)
Guarantee 2 years 2 years 2 years 2 years 2 years


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