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  • Removes Silt, Debris, Leaves, Algae’s and Stones
  • High quality materials, German manufactured
  • Compact and lightweight design

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What is the Oase PondoVac Classic used for?

The Oase Pondovac Classic is a small but powerful pond vacuum for removing silt, debris, algae such as blanket weed and leaves from your garden pond. Cleaning ponds has never been so easy, with its compact design this vacuum is easy to move around and is simple to operate.

This little pond vac packs quite a punch with a max pumping suction depth of up to 2 meters! This is all thanks to its 1400w motor which turns over 3000 liters per hour. It has a surprising large water holding tank which can hold up to 27 liters of dirty pond water. This pond vac comes as a complete package so there is no need to purchase any other accessories. Its worth knowing that this vacuum can be used wet or dry so it can be used for a number of tasks other than just ponds.

What do you get with this pond vacuum?

The Oase PondoVac Classic comes as a complete unit so there is no need to purchase any other accessories. The main body of the unit can hold up to 27 liters of pond water, it comes with 4 lengths of suction pipe with one being clear so you can if there are any blockages. Each suction section is approximately 55cm in length totaling a max suction length of 2.5m (including the handle section). The 50mm discharge pipe is flexible and kink resistant, this totals up to 2m but don’t worry, if your drain is further away extension pipe can be purchased separately to extend this further.

It comes with a variety of suction nozzles so you can get into every nook and cranny, there’s nothing worse than debris festering in between the liner folds! Lastly, the vac comes with 2 cleaning bags, one used for when your using it dry (like a hoover) and the other is a very fine net bag to catch the debris so you can recycle the water back into your pond. These Oase Net Bags can also be purchased separately.

How to assemble the Oase Pondovac Classic pond vacuum

Assembly couldn’t be any easier. Remove the pond vacuum out of the packaging. Attach the number of extension pipes you require aswell as the suction nozzle onto the handle section which has attached 4m of flexible suction hose. This part is connected to the inlet of the vac which is located towards the top of the waste water tank, its important not to mix up the inlet and the outlet as the vac will not work if put on incorrectly. Now attach the 2m of discharge pipe to the outlet which is located at the bottom of the waste water tank. Position this either back into the pond or to the drain. If you wish to re use the water then attach the white net bag onto the end of the discharge pipe and secure this by using the draw string, pulling down tight.

How to operate the Oase Pondovac Classic

This pond vac is very simple to operated with its unique design. You simply position the pond vac next to your pond and switch it on. Its very similar to a household vacuum, position the nozzle in the water towards the bottom where the debris settles. You will see the debris come up through the clear suction hose, if the water is coming through as clear you will want to move the nozzle around to pick up more silt and leaves around the pond. The 27 liter drum will start to fill for around 25 sections, after this the vacs motor will turn off and the water collected in the body will pour out of the discharge pipe (via gravity). This can go straight to the drains or back to the pond if you want to recycle the water, If you choose to do this don’t forget to position the Oase net bag at the end of the discharge pipe.

Remember that the water is discharged via gravity so if you have a raised pond you will need to raise this above the pond if your wanting to recycle the water. Alternatively, if this is not convenient you can look at the larger models such as the Pondovac 5 as this will pump the discharged water up hill.

What size pond is this suitable for? 

We recommend that the Oase Pondovac Classic is sued for small to medium ponds. With its on/off function it can be be quite frustrating and time consuming if you have a larger or deeper pond. for something larger we would recommend using the Oase Pondvac 3 upwards.

Additional information

Oase PondoVac Classic

PondoVac Classic


Max flow rate 3000lph
Debris handled Algae, Leaves, Sludge, Silt & small stones
Sludge bag supplied Yes
Max pumping depth 2m
Nozzles supplied 4
Power consumption 1400w
Suction hose 4m
Discharge pipe length 2m
Power cable length 4m
Dimensions 370 x 370 x 580mm
Guarantee 2 years


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