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Evolution Aqua Acriflavine


Features at a glance:

  • Treats for ulcers, mouth rot and fin rot
  • Two step formula for safer treating
  • Effective treatment with dosing cap



What does the Evolution Aqua Acriflavine pond treatment treat for?

The Evolution Aqua Acriflavine as a strong anti-bacterial treatment designed for Koi. If you notice that your fish have ulcers, fin rot mouth rot or tail rot, this is the treatment to use. Acrflavine is also a brilliant treatment to use if your having bacterial problems in your pond which is quite common at the start of the new season. Ulcers appear like an large open wound on the body of the fish, mouth rot will look like part of the mouth is missing or fungus like. Bacterial problems are harder to identify, this will look like a white film on the body of the fish, not to be mistaken with carp pox.

Two step dosing and its benefits

The two step dosing procedure has been made with the fishes welfare in mind. Other treatments that have longer and more frequent dosages can be harsher on the fish and filter system. With it being a less aggressive but just as effective way of dosing your pond its certainly worth using. This two step does treatment ensures it doesn’t just attack at the first stage but also later where the ulcers are still susceptible to infection.

Dosing the EA Acriflavine

Once you have calculated the volume of the pond we advise following these steps:

  1. Shake the bottle well
  2. Turn off the UV and remove any carbon / zeolite form the filter
  3. using the dosing cap provided, add 1 x 20ml per 1600 liters (352 gallons) of pond water. We advise mixing this in a bucket of pond water before distributing it around the pond. The water may turn yellow / green.
  4. Treat the pond again three days later at roughly the same time
  5. You can repeat the treatment again 7 days after the last dose, remember to complete a 20% water change before re dosing.

NOTE: Do not use in humid or stormy weather conditions. Always make sure pond is well aerated, only to use with Koi Carp.

Additional information

Product Options

Acriflavine 500ml, Acriflavine 1000ml (1L)


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