Evolution Aqua FMG Mix


Features at a glance:

  • Treats for parasites and fungus in Koi Carp
  • Two step dose formula of Formaldehyde and Malachite Green
  • Two sizes available with dosing cap


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What does the Evolution Aqua FMG Mix treat for?

Evolution Aqua had designed a concentrated and effective FMG Mixture. FMG stands for Formaldehyde and Malachite Green which treats for both parasites and fungal infections that effect Koi carp. You can buy these ingredients separately but Evolution Aqua have took out the guess work and created a 2 step dosing program to make things simple and easy.  FMG Mix is very effective against parasites such as Costia, Chilodonella, White spot and Trichodina, sadly it will not treat for Flukes. The Malachite in this mix treats well for fungus, in most cases anyone experiencing parasites will also experience fungus, this is classed as a secondary infection. We recommend scraping the fish to identify the parasite to make sure the treatment you are using will be effective.

Common symptoms of Parasites

In most cases when a fish gets a parasite it starts to behave oddly. Common symptoms of parasites are flicking, lethargic behavior, rapid movement of the gills, jumping , excessive mucus shed, fungus and fins of the fish clamped together. Fungus is very common when a fish has parasites, fungus appears like cotton wool, this can be on any part of the fishes body.

If your fish are experiencing ulcers, finrot or mouth rot why not try the EA Acriflavine

Benefits of the two step dose formula

Dosing only twice is less harmful to the fish and also better for the beneficial bacteria that lives in the filter. Even though the treatment is less harsh on the filter we always recommend using the Evolution Aqua Filter Gel after a course of treatment. The two step dosing acclimates fish for higher active dose rates. Some of the life cycles of parasites cannot be killed so active ingredients need to be high for a longer period to attack these parts for when the vulnerable part comes around. White Spot parasite is the perfect example for this.

Dosing the EA FMG Mix

Once you have calculated the volume of your pond please follow the following steps:

  1. Always shake the bottle well
  2. Turn off the UV bulbs, keep this off until 7 days after the last treatment does. Also, remove any carbon or zeolite from the filter (if any)
  3. For measuring, use the dosing cap provided. 1 x 20ml dose per 1600 ltrs (352 gallons) of pond water. Always mix well the treatment in a bucket of pond water before adding the treatment to a high flow area of the pond. The pond will turn green, don’t worry this is normal.
  4. This is a two dose treatment, treat the pond again 3 days later, roughly at the same time of day.
  5. It is safe to repeat the course (if needed) after 7 days of the last treatment. Following a 20% waterchange

NOTE: do not treat in stormy or humid weather. Make sure the pond is well aerated before treating. Always observe fish while the treatment is in the pond. Only use with Koi Carp. 


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FMG Mix 500ml, FMG Mix 1000ml (1ltre)


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