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Evolution Aqua Formaldehyde


Features at a glance:

  • Powerful, active ingredients
  • Safe for fish
  • Treats for Koi fish parasites


What does the Evolution Aqua Formaldehyde treat for?

The Evolution Aqua Formaldehyde is an powerful and effective treatment against pond fish parasites such as Whitespot, Costia, Chilodonella and Trichodina in Koi fish. It comes in two sizes 500ml and 1000ml (1L) which will cover ponds up to  32,500trs (x1 treatment). All of the Evolution Aqua’s pond treatments come with a handy with a dosing cap to make dosing easy.

Two step dose formula

Evolution Aqua have developed a unique two step dose formula which is less aggressive to the fish, traditional treatments that are one dose can be quite harsh on the fish and the filter system itself. It also helps Koi become more accustomed to a high active dose rate. The two step dose is also more effective as sometimes treatments can miss a part of the parasites egg life cycle, white spot is the best example of this.

When should I use Formaldehyde in my pond?

We always recommend checking a fish for parasites and identifying the exact parasite your fish has so you can treat it more effectively. If your fish are showing any of these signs we advise to to treat. Flicking, jumping, erratic behavior, lethargic behavior and excessive mucus shed.

How to treat the Evolution Aqua’s Formaldehyde

  1. Calculate the pond volume before treating
  2. Shake the bottle well to mix the treatment
  3. Switch off the UV and remove any Carbon or Zeolite from the pond filter
  4. Using the dosing cap provided, treat 1 x 20ml dose per 2600 liters of water (572 gallons), spread evenly in a high flow area
  5. This is a two dose treatment, treat again three days later at a similar time of day.
  6. If necessary, it is safe to repeat the course of treatment 7 days after the last dose is finished, following a 20% water change.

Please Note: do not use this treatment is stormy or humid conditions. For use only with Koi Carp. Do not use if the water temperature is above 25C. 


Additional information

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Formaldehyde 500ml, Formaldehyde 1000ml (1L)


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