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Evolution Aqua Malachite Green


Features at a glance:

  • Two step dose treatment
  • Treats for Fungus and Parasites in Koi
  • Powerful, active ingredients



What does the Evolution Aqua Malachite Green treat for?

The Evolution Aqua Malachite Green is a pond treatment designed to be use with Koi Carp only. Its formula is specifically formulated to treat for fungal diseases and fish parasites. Although Malachite Green will treat for parasites such as white spot, costia, chiloenella and trichodinia, malachite green is very effective against fungus. Fungus can caused as a secondary infections whiles having parasites, a wound that is infected or simply caused by bad water quality.

Benefits of using a two step dose formula

The two step formula created by Evolution Aqua is gentler on the fish and filter for when having to dose for parasites or fungus on your fish. Dosing with a a harsh 1 dose treatment can be stressful on the fish and cause issues with your filter. Some parts of the parasites life cycle may be missed with a one dose treatment so having the additional treatment on day 3 ensures that nothing is missed and killing off the parasite and its eggs.

When should I use the Evolution Aqua Malachite Green?

You should consider using this treatment when you start to see your fish acting oddly. Behavior like flicking, jumping, fins clamped, lethargic or signs of cotton wool looking fungus. If you have noticed some fungus you may need to observe the fish closely as this could be a sign of a wound or ulcer which will need further treatment. If there is a wound or ulcer we would advise using the Evolution Aqua Wound Cleaner.

How do I dose the Evolution Aqua Malachite Green?

Once you have calculated the volume of your pond please follow the following steps:

  1. Always shake the bottle well
  2. Turn off the UV bulbs, keep this off until 7 days after the last treatment does. Also, remove any carbon or zeolite from the filter (if any)
  3. For measuring, use the dosing cap provided. 1 x 20ml dose per 3520 ltrs (775 gallons) of pond water. Always mix well the treatment in a bucket of pond water before adding the treatment to a high flow area of the pond. The pond will turn green, don’t worry this is normal.
  4. This is a two dose treatment, treat the pond again 3 days later, roughly at the same time of day.
  5. It is safe to repeat the course (if needed) after 7 days of the last treatment. Following a 20% water change

Additional information

Product Options

Malachite Green 500ml, Malachite Green 1000ml (1L)


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