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Evolution Aqua Sedative 100ml


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Features at a glance:

  • Reduces fish stress
  • Gentle fish seadtive
  • Makes fish easier to handle

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What is the Evolution Aqua Sedative used for?

The Evolution Aqua Sedative is a mild but effective sedative that is design to calm the fish down for when you are wanting to examine, scrape or treat the fish. This treatment is mainly used for when you see your fish with an ulcer or wound. Its best used in conjunction with the Evolution Aqua Wound Sealer.

What does the Sedative do?

The Sedative slows down the fish for when you need to treat a wound directly. It reduces stress on the fish and allows you to work on the fish safely and effectively. If you attempt to treat a fish in a bowl and haven’t used the Seadtive its more likely the fish will become more stressed, thrash about and give you little to no chance in treating the fish.

How do I use the Evolution Aqua Sedative?

  1. Carefully read the instructions in the manual provided.
  2. Fill the examination / treatment bath with just enough water to cover the fish. Add an airstone
  3. Shake the bottle well for one minute, add 5ml to the bath per 10l of water used int he bath. Dissolve the sedative in a cup of warm water first then mix thoroughly into the bath (wait 5 minuets to disappear)
  4. Catch the fish and place into the bath with treatment. It usually takes around 3-5 minutes before the fish can be handled. The fish may roll onto its side

Please Note: Do not add to the pond. In an unlikely event that the fish has an adverse reaction, or to recover the fish, make sure there is another untreated bath ready with an airstone.


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