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Evolution Aqua Pure+ Filter Starter Gel


Feature at a glance:

  • Live Nitrifying beneficial bacteria for ponds
  • Sticky gel formula for faster results
  • Effective way to help reduce Ammonia and Nitrite



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What do I use the Evolution Aqua Pure+ Starter Gel for?

The evolution Aqua Pure+ Starter Gel is a live concentrated nitrifying bacteria. This is mainly used to start off a new pond filter, ideal for if you are juts starting up or if your replacing an old filter with fish in the pond.  The bacteria is in a gel based solution which helps stick to the filter media allowing the nitrifying bacteria to rapidly colonies in your pond filter.

Once the filter media has been saturated in the Pure+ filter starter gel the beneficial bacteria within the gel gets to work and speeds up the maturation of the filter media. This helps convert Ammonia and Nitrite which results in less stress to your fish. If we were to sum this up in s few words it would be “get an almost instant mature filter in hours!”

When should I use the Evolution Aqua Pure+ Starter Gel?

JPM recommend using this treatment every time you replace filter media, have a new filter installed and after any other pond treatment is used in the pond. With this being a starter bacteria that is live you will have a mature filter in no time! It may be worth adding when you introduce new fish to the pond just in case the filter cant handle the extra bio load in the pond, if you persist in shaving water quality issues you may need to consider upgrading your pond filter. The Pure+ filter starter if fine to use with ponds containing fish and wildlife.

How do I dose the Pure+ Starter Gel?

  1. Shake the bottle well before use.
  2. Turn off the UV when dosing, keep off for 12 hours
  3. Unscrew the tamper proof cap and pour the contents of the bottle directly into your filter media, for best results (you can not overdose).
  4. If possible, add extra oxygen to the filter with an airstone
Treatment size Pure+ Filter Start Gel 1ltr  Pure+ Filter Start Gel 1ltr
Treats ponds up to Up to 10,000l Up to 25,000l
Wildlife friendly Yes Yes


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Pure+ Filter Starter Gel 1L, Pure+ Filter Starter Gel 2.5L


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