Evolution Aqua Pure Pond Bomb


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Features at a glance:

  • Contains Beneficial bacteria and enzymes
  • See rapid results
  • Helps create crystal clear water

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What is the Evolution Aqua Pure Pond bomb used for?

The award winning Pond Bomb created by Evolution Aqua is a treatment that offers a one off, high dose of beneficial bacteria. The pond bomb is a water clarifier which helps to achieve crystal clear water and a quick rate. It can also be used to help reduce waste in the pond and also to aid the filter bacteria which reduces Ammonia and Nitrite. It is capable of treating ponds up to 10,000ltrs and cannot be over dosed, so no need to worry with measuring out dosages.

When should you use the Pond Bomb?

You should consider using the pond bomb when your water has gone a murky cloudy colour. If the water is cloudy, its advised to test the water quality with a pond test kit. Its worth noting that the pond bomb will not treat for green water, for this you will need a green water treatment. If you notice a build up of sludge in the bottom of the pond or silt settling on shelves, the pond bomb can help clear this up by breaking down the organic waste. You can also use this treatment to aid the filter bacteria if some has been lost due to filter cleaning or replacement.

How does the Pond Bomb work?

When you open the tub the bomb is contained in, there will be a large ball surrounded in thick liquid. The bomb itself is a combination of of friendly bacteria and enzymes, these get to work as soon as the bomb is put into the pond or filter. This consumes organic waste and breaks down any Ammonia and Nitrite, leaving you with a clear and healthy pond. Its as simple as that! Dont be afraid to tip in the gel surrounding the bomb, this is great for the filter.

Treatment Pure Pond Bomb
Suitable for? Koi pond, goldfish ponds, ornamental ponds and wildlife ponds
Pond volume Treats ponds up to 20,000 liters
Wild life friendly Yes


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