Evolution Aqua Pure Pond


Features at a glance:

  • Helps remove Ammonia and Nitrite
  • Fast acting bacteria and enzyme balls
  • Breaks down organic waste



What is the Evolution Aqua Pure Pond used for?

The Evolution Aqua Pure Pond are biodegradable balls that are crammed full of live bacteria that are slowly released when the pond demands it. Its used to keep your pond clean and healthy throughout the summer months when waste and clarity issues are at its highest. Packed with other 8 million parts of concentrated bacteria per liter of pure pond, its almost guaranteed. For best results Evolution Aqua advise to add them monthly directly into the filter media.

How does the Evolution Aqua Pure Pond work?

Once the Pure Pond balls are introduced to the biological section of your filter system they become one with the media. When there is Ammonia or Nitrite present in the pond the bacteria stored in the gel balls is released, just enough to start breaking it down. The pond balls contain natural enzymes which help break down organic waste in the pond leaving you with a healthy clear pond. If your having problems with cloudy water after adding this treatment, we recommend using this in conjunction with the Evolution Aqua Pond Bomb. A quick and effective way of removing organic waste and reducing levels of Ammonia and Nitrite, this award winning treatment is a must have in any pond keepers hands!


Treatment Pure Pond 500ml Pure Pond 1000ml Pure Pond 2L
Treats pond size Ponds up to 10,000ltr Ponds up to 20,000ltr Ponds up to 40,000ltr
Wildlife friendly Yes Yes Yes


Additional information

Product Options:

Pure Pond 500ml, Pure Pond 1000ml, Pure Pond 2L


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